Mamlaka ya Maji Safi na Usafi wa Mazingira Mjini Geita

Water Quality Services

Standards and Quality of Water Services

Quality water is important for health of human being. GEUWASA is providing water which meet both Tanzanian temporal standards and WHO standards. This has been achieved by controlling the quality from the sources to the customer’s points

Essentially most of daily production is abstracted from spring sources; raw water is collected from springs through weirs in environmental friendly manner. Apart from that our sources are well protected with fence to avoid encroachment and other human activities which could impair the quality of water. As well as that the sources are surrounded by drainage system which ensures that storm water does not pollute/contaminate the sources.

On top of that, in order to make sure our customers are supplied with quality water, we have installed treatment facilities both pre chlorination and post chlorination i.e. right at the sources and at reservoirs

In addition to that, the quality of water is well controlled during transportation from sources to the reservoirs and from reservoirs to our customer’s points. This has been achieved by laying pipes of proper class as per pressure in our network. Also we do have a group of qualified technicians who monitor the performance of our network in terms leaks control, bursts and other factors which could manipulate the quality of water.

Beside that we have a well equipped laboratory for monitoring the quality of water. We have a clear sampling plan where by samples of water are collected on weekly basis around 10 am at sources, reservoirs, public domestic points, random customer points and terminal customer points for analysis

All this processes which ensure customers are provided with quality water has been recognized by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and we have been granted license number 0643 to use the
tbs mark. Right now we are in a process of getting ISO 9001:2001 certification so as to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services and product.